Currently based in the Bay area. Originally from Seoul, Korea.
I’m interested in user experience research, diversity, and organizations, and looking for my future careers in these areas.
I majored in Psychology and have experiences in operations, including people operations, marketing, social media, and research.

  • Jin Hee Cheon – A gayageum player

    April 15, 2020 by

    The second interviewee of Women at Work is Jin Hee Cheon. She is a freelancer as a gayageum player and a gayageum tutor. Gayageum is a Korean traditional string instrument that is played with fingers. Other than these two professions, she talked about her diverse experiences. Gayageum is pronounced like [ga-ya-geum] and written 가야금 in… Read more

  • Living With A Dependent Visa In Silicon Valley

    March 10, 2020 by

    I came to the United States from Korea in May 2019. My dependent visa (H4) of my spouse (H1B) does not allow me to work in the United States, so I am legally and financially dependent on my husband. I chose to come with my husband (to be honest, I wanted to come), but the… Read more

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